Doctor Strange

Disgraced Sorcerer Supreme


Primary Statistics

Fighting Good(10)
Agility Excellent(20)
Strength Typical(6)
Endurance Remarkable (30)
Reason Good(10)
Intuition Monstrous(75)
Psyche Monstrous(75)

Health 66
Karma 160
Resources Typical(6)
Popularity Shift 0 (-20)

Known Powers:

Sorcerer Supreme:

Doctor Strange is the disgraced Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth Dimension and he may use any power as a spell at Am rank. He may only leverage this 3 times before his connection to the magic of earth is exhausted

Other Powers

Due to Extensive magical training, Doctor Strange is able to leverage the following powers:
-Alteration-Appearance: Rm
-Astral Projection: Mn
-Levitation: Incredible
-Shield: As Personal Force Field able to repel Magical Attacks: In
-Telepathy: Am
-Conjure: Gd ability to summon an item or creature to him.
-Eldritch Beams/Bolts: Rm
-Dimensional Aperture: Rm
-Spell of Silence: prevents the subject of the spell of speaking of certain matters, only characters with a Psyche greater than Rm recieve a FEAT to avoid this effect.




Medicine, Occult Lore, Mythological Lore, Martial Arts A, E


3 days ago, Doctor Strange awakened in a hovel of a hotel room miles away from Sanctum Sanctorum alone and with no knowledge of how he had got there. Returning to his mansion resulted in being assaulted and taunted by a set of humanoid shadows. He has discovered that he has a very limited connection to Earth’s Magical field, the source of The Sorcerer Supreme’s power. More disturbingly, his former allies appear to regard him with disgust if not outright hate. Through his powers of disguise and deception he has managed to overhear a report to shield that could start to shed some light on his situation.

Doctor Strange

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