A once brave soldier reforged after a near death experience


Primary Statistics
Fighting – Amazing (46)
Agility – Incredible (36)
Strength – Amazing (50)
Endurance – Amazing (50)
Reason – Good (8)
Intuition – Excellent (16)
Psyche – Excellent (16)

Secondary Statistics
Health – 182
Karma – 40
Resources – Poor (4)
Popularity Shift – 0

Special Abilities:
Regeneration* – Incredible (36) Has the ability to create body tissue at a rate of 36x faster than the average person. The titanium skin regenerates at 6x faster than the skin tissue of the normal person.

Self-Revival* – Excellent (16) Has a chance of recovering from death depending on the severity of the injuries sustained.

Armor Skin – Amazing (50) The outer layers of skin that has traces of titanium making the hero more resilient

Thermal Vision – Good (36) Can see heat signatures within a 30 foot radius

Natural Weaponry – Amazing (50) The ability to take advantage of the titanium present in the hero’s body to deliver greater blows in martial combat.


Martial Arts B – Being the runner-up in the entire army’s boxing division tournament, he was known of having one of the most lethal uppercuts in the army (+1 CS to Fighting when in unarmed combat)

Military – Was on the fast track to making officer, he was only 2 months from graduation when the accident happened (+1 CS to all FEAT rolls in Military matters)

Medicine – Dr. Novlak – Responsible for performing the life-saving alterations to save his life, most likely the only person who fully understands his body on a biological and scientific level

Military – Ryan Briggs a.k.a. Meat Loaf – The hero’s closest ally in the field, he was present at the time of the incident. He’s also the only person from his past that is aware of his current state.

William Gregor was a 21 year old male enlisted in 238th division in the army. He was known throughout army for his world class boxing skills and his steadfast nature in battle. He was a born leader and was closing in on his promotion to officer. One day, there was a report of a terrorist with homemade explosives threatening to blow up a market square. Upon arriving on the scene, the terrorist was en route to the square to make his mark. Jumping into action, William subdued the terrorist before he reached his destination, but the bomb still detonated. Fortunately, only the terrorist’s life was claimed. However, all of William’s limbs were severely burned and cut. His head and torso were protected by his helmet and vest, but they were still impaled with hundreds of tiny pieces of shrapnel. His friend Briggs arrived to his aid, where he was med-evacuated to the nearest military base in which he was made into a test subject. Dr. Novlak, having recently won an award for his contributions to modern medicine, attempted a procedure to revolutionize the average soldier. A serum was injected into William’s body that began to alter his body. The serum caused his body to produce Titanium that strengthened the durability of his body. Alongside this, the rate recovery began to speed up exponentially. In just 3 short days, William had made a full recovery. However, he was not ready for the changes that were made to him. Between debriefing of the situation and the near death experience he just had, William was put on a discharge for mental health reasons. He’s been a busboy at the local diner, Edna’s Eatery, for 2 weeks now. He had just received his first paycheck, but his mind was still elsewhere. The past seemed like a dream to him. He still wonders if it even happened. Regardless, he felt reborn in a sense. He had a new life, a new job, and had just finished moving into his new apartment.



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